Custom Crafted Jewelry from Montana

We are delighted that you found our website. Our business has shifted a little and we do most of our business now through, our shop there is bootleggerjewelry. You can find a link to our site by clicking on our page above.  It is easy to contact us there and to request custom orders. We can also ship world wide from there.

Montana Jewelry is owned and operated by Randy and Tracey Setzer. We live in North central Montana in Great Falls. 

Our Sterling Silver and Gold jewelry is hand crafted at our home here in Montana. We’re proud of our pieces that celebrate our Western heritage. We sell realistic animals that you might see in Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks. We have pendants of  Elk, Bison, Grizzly Bears and Big Horn Rams. We individually craft rings and pendants from Elk ivories and we have silver replicas of authentic Native American arrowheads. We have fun animals with pigs, rabbits, elephants and teddy bears available.

Our elegant designs are equally at home casual or formal. They are often chosen with a birthstone or a favorite colored stone.

Our Unique items are one of a kind and we enjoy incorporating Natural stones in our designs. We often use Sapphires or Turquoise.